R5 Newcastle

The offical Newcastle (UK) street team for the wonderful @officialR5 set up by @HashtagShannan, @dawsongeek & @jewleesays :-)

We have started to create our letter for R5, we are very excited to send it to them in the coming weeks!

If you have any R5 quotes then post them in our ask and we may use them :-)

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R5 Typography- Quotes

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I love this song, what do you think guys? - Julie :3

This is my favourite song, tell me yours! - Shannan :-)

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This could be my favourite R5 song, what is yours? - Laura ^_^

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Anonymous asked:
"Are you allowed to sell things with the official R5 logo on it?"

We’ve gotten in contact with the band and we are currently just waiting on a reply.

Hey guys, we are selling these R5 bracelets to raise money for a charity called Eyes Alight who help people who sufferer from brain injuries. You can purchase the bracelets for out eBay which is here; CLICK ME!

If you can any questions then feel free to ask us too! 

      From Julie, Laura and Shannan at R5 Newcastle :)<3

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Hey guys, thank you for following. Watch out for some exciting things coming this way.

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